Getting Started


The Kick Start Program is for kids aged up to 16 years, who may wish to go on to enter in a junior motorcycle event are required to attend a Junior Coaching Program (Kickstart) It is a fun way to teach the kids to ride, control and enjoy a motorcycle. This includes current up to date advice, demonstration and training.

  •  The course covers; motorcycling rules and regulations, club rules, safety gear, scrutineering of motorcycles, maintenance tips for your bike.
  • The club coach will go over riding positions, weight distribution, throttle, brake and clutch control, braking and cornering skills from our certified coaches.
  • Through completion of the course, allows your junior to apply for their MA licence.

Over 16 and Seniors

Motorcycling NSW are required to satisfy themselves that first time licence applicants are capable of competently controlling a motorcycle before they issue a licence.
Seniors need to do the following:
– Join a club & obtain a club membership card
– Complete a theory test – ride test may be needed is you don’t hold a road bike licence. This needs to be signed off by an official authorised by the club (see below)

Essential Riding Gear

  • Helmet that has ASA (Australian Standards Association) sticker on the back of it
  • Goggles
  • Body armour  (under 16 essential)
  • Gloves
  • Jersey
  • Pants
  • Motocross boots that cover ¾ way up lower leg

Non-Essential Riding Gear

  • Knee and Elbow guards. (LakesMX prefer riders have these on the day, other sports including skateboarding knee and elbow guards are okay to use also.
  • Neck brace (not essential)

Bike set up

  • Ensure all bikes are in a safe, working order as all bikes will be scruitineered.
  • Bike size is limited to 250cc or smaller
  • Please remove side stands on bikes over 50cc
  • Ensure there is a handlebar pad fitted and handlebar ends are plugged with either internal or external bar plugs
  • If you have spare clutch and brake levers, these are good spares to bring with you + spare spark plug
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