Membership and Rider Fees 2019

Membership Fees

*Family memberships must be all on the same medicare card.
All membership are valid to the 31/12/2019

Club Championship Ride Fees

Junior Rider $25 (Additional Class $10)
Senior Rider $35 (Additional Class $10)
Day Licences $75 ‘online entry only’
Only online entries are available in 2019
Entries will close the Thursday 5pm prior to the event, LATE entries will be accepted until Friday
9pm but will incur a $20 late fee/surcharge

Social Ride Fees

Must be a member of Lakes Macquarie Motorbike Club (as above)
$40 with no MA licence
$30 with MA licence
Licence Requirements 
All riders must hold a valid Motorcycling Australia Licence as follows –
Nippers – Mini Licence
Juniors – Mini Licence or Junior National Licence

Classes of Competition

50cc Div 1 (Nippers) 
50cc Div 2 7-u9 
65cc 7-u9 
65cc 9-u12 
85cc 12-u16 (Standard and Big Wheel) 
85cc 9-u12 (Standard Wheel Only) 
Junior Lites 13-u16 (100cc to 125cc 2stroke) 
Junior Lites 13-u16 (128cc to 250cc 4stroke) 
Lites C Grade (upto 250cc 2stroke/250cc 4stroke) 
Lites Pro (upto 250cc 2stroke/250cc 4stroke) 
Open C Grade (over 251cc 2stroke/250cc 4stroke) 
Open Pro (over 251cc 2stroke/250cc 4stroke) 
Over 35s 
Womens (All Powers) 
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