Club History

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

After discussion with Scott McDermott (club member 001) the following timelines were established:-

Around 1974, Gordon McDermott, who was recognised as the “Club Patron” worked with councils & local Parliament members to obtain land to be used to promote motorcycle sport in the area.
Three sites were considered, these being an existing recreational riding area at Pinny beach, near Caves Beach. It was recognised early on that due to its prime location, longevity of a riding facility in this area could not be secured.

Another site at Cameron Park, behind the Go Kart track, was used for a brief period but it was the current site that won out as it was quite evident that a site under the power lines was not going to be built out & there was opportunity for a long future for this facility. The land was procured around 1975 & put to use early 1976 as the Lake Macquarie Mini Bike & Cycle Training Association.

This involved motocross, dirt track & enduro disciplines. The first President was Athol Parsons.

During the 80’s the venue became a dedicated Motocross facility under the current name. During the 90’s the venue produced some of Australia’s best motocross/supercross and freestyle riders in the country ie Craig Anderson, Chad Reed, Mitch Hoad, Dayne Kinnaird and during the 2000’s Luke George, Beau Ralston, Danny Anderson and the late Tyrone Gilks.

Since 2000 Lakes had gone through some major changes under the helm of former President Mark Grant, with enormous support from caretaker/father Barry, with the track being lengthened to 2 kms and the addition of a 40 gate start, so as to be able to hold National events as in The MX Nationals in 2007, 08, 09. The venue is now recognised at a National level which provides excellent spectator viewing as well as producing some of the best racing in the country.

The club is still producing top class riders such as Egan Mastin and Joel Wightman, as well as some up and coming riders as in Cooper Pozniak, Jye Roberts and Brock McLeary to name a few. A few riders have taken a different course and become involved with rider training and coaching with Mat Boyd becoming the state MX team coach and also monthly contributor to Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine.

One of our great female riders Amy Boyd, finished 3rd in the Women’s Nationals held at Lakes in 2007. Amy has been the only female Lakes rider to enter in the Nationals, all the other girls did the support class. Amy competed that year against the women’s world champion which Kevin Williams brought into the country to boost women in the sport. Former President, Mark Grant made sure one round of the Nationals was held at Lakes as he knew of her potential. Unfortunately breaking her neck put an end to her career.

Lakes have held numerous State Titles & also hosted the Under 19s & Women’s National Championships. The Club prides itself on being involved with the JCP & providing as many training days as possible. The past 5 years the club has also hosted VMX, Quad, Fast 50 events and The East Coast MX Series.

2010 was a big year for the club within excess of 700 members, hosting a round of the State Titles, the Australian Junior MX titles (over 600 bikes and 7 days), Call to Arms Charity day, 7 round pointscore, 5 practice days as well as accommodating the JCP, vintage MX, fast 50’s and quads.

The last few years have not slowed down for the club with most of the same events being held annually. The club still holds the coaching & training aspect as a priority with Mat Boyd holding regular Prostyle MX Academy schools as well as Kick start training for new entries into the sport

The venue & its committed club personnel help bring riders back time & time again & we want to continue this enthusiasm into the future & encourage the younger generation to ensure longevity of this great club

Motocross Lakes 11.11.1989 Junior 60cc featuring Chad Reed
Motocross Lakes 11.11.1989 Junior 80cc
Motocross Lakes 11.11.1989 Junior 125cc
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